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Circus Acts

Fabulous Themed Entertainment

Circus Acts

Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Ringmasters and Clowns

Fantastic Circus themed acts performing a range of circus skills acts including stilt walkers, jugglers and roller skaters. In addition we provide specific circus acts such as ringmasters

Stilt Walkers

Ringmaster Stilt Walker


Our brilliant Ringmaster stilt walker is a great act for a range of events. Perfect for meet & greet and roaming entertainment at any circus themed event including Greatest Showman themed ones. We offer the ringmaster as both a stilt walker and ground based act. The ringmaster can be either a circus character acts, a compere for your event or a juggling ringmaster. Please contact us for more details about these options and your requirements

Bubbles Costumed Stilt Walker

Colourful Circus

Our colourful circus themed stilt walkers are great for a wide range of events. They perform interactive meet & greet and roaming entertainment. We offer options for these stilt walkers of juggling, balloon modelling or bubbles. The stilt walker can create giant bubbles while on stilts or carry a battery operated bubble machine creating a magical cloud of bubbles which children love. Please contact us for more details about these options

Stilt Bicycle Stilt Walker

Stilt Bicycle

Our stilt bicycle acts are brilliant entertainment for parades and other larger scale street or festival events. Our unique stilt bicycles are giant bicycles with 36 inch wheels and make the act a striking spectacle. We offer the option for the bicycles to have a sound system and a bubble machine creating a unique act that will entertain everyone at your event. There are a range of costumes for ths stilt cyclist. Please contact us for details


British Juggler

Juggling Acts

Our juggling acts are amazing entertainment. They perform interactive roaming performances, ambient entertainment or shows. The jugglers perform entertainment for children, families and adults. We offer a wide range of costumes including British, Colourful, Victorian, Jester, Chef, Roman, Tennis Player, Vintage Circus Sideshow, Ringmaster and more. Please contact us for more details

Colourful Jugglers

Colourful Jugglers

Our colourful juggling acts come in a variety of costumes. Our colour suited jugglers come in a variety of colours including green, blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, black and white. These jugglers perform meet & greet, roaming and show entertainment. They have performed at a wide variety of private, corporate and festival events including the London Olympics. Please contact us for more details

Vintage Circus Sideshow Juggler

Circus Sideshow Jugglers

Our vintage circus sideshow juggling act is a unique themed act. They offer roaming, ambient and show entertainment as well as a themed circus workshop. In addition they can also offer penny farthing riding. They have performed at a range of private and corporate events including ones at the Royal Academy. Please contact us for more details about this brilliant act's entertainment

Other Acts

Circus Skills Workshops

Circus Workshops

Our circus skills workshops are great for children, families and adults. We offer an extensive range of circus skills including: juggling, plate spinning, diabolo, poi, hula hooping, flower sticks, stilts, pedal racers, unicycling and more. All our tutors are experienced and can offer either drop in or structured workshops. Please contact us for more details

Circus Workshops for Children


Our children's circus skills workshops are brilliant fun! We offer workshops for schools, fairs, parties and other events. Workshops can be from one hour to a day or more and can be drop in or structured. Age appropriate skills are offered in all workshops and there are options for additional entertainment such as a circus juggling show

Circus Workshops for Adults


Our adult circus skills workshops are great for a range of adult events including corporate team building, ice breaking, weddings, hen and stage events and more. We offer drop in or structured workshops with a wide range of professonal equipment run by experience tutors. Please contact us for more details about our brilliant workshops

Entertainment Anywhere

We provide professional acts across the UK and Internationally


We provide amazing acts to your locality. We are based in Bristol but our acts travel to all parts of the UK. From London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast to Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, York, Milton Keynes and Plymouth and all the towns and cities inbetween such as Oxford, Southampton, Newcastle, Norwich, Reading, Liverpool, Sheffield and many more.


We provide great professonal acts to all regions of the UK. We have provided acts to Gloucestershire, Surrey, Devon, Cambridgeshire, Merseyside, Durham, Worcestershire, Kent, Dorset, Staffordshire, Wiltshire, Gwent, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Cheshire, Berkshire, Glamorgan, Essex, Denbighshire, Somerset, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire


We have successfully provided acts to all areas of the country. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as all the regions such as South West, South East, East Anglia, West Midlands, East Midlands, North West, and North East. Whatever area your event is happening we can provide great entertainment. We also provide acts from other carefully assessed performers


We provide brilliant acts beyond the UK to any international location. Our acts have performed in Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, UAE, USA, France, Spain, Oman, Bharain and other countries. Please contact us for more details of our international service and the amazing acts we provide. We also provide a bespoke act service where we can create an act for your event

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years