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Stilt Walkers

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

We provide a fantastic range of stilt walkers for any event. Our range of themed acts perform in high quality costumes and are performed by experienced interactive engaging entertainers

Stilt Walking Themes

Medieval, Sports, Christmas, Carnival, Circus and more

Animal Themed Stilt Walkers


Amazing animal themed stilt walkers including our beautiful butterflies, our fantastic dragon and knight and peacock. Roaming character acts to make your event special

British Themed Stilt Walkers


Fabulous British themed stilt walkers including St George knight, Union Jack and Jill, Victorian policemen and our unique Beefeaters. Brilliant acts for top events

Carnival Themed Entertainment


Brilliant, bright and colourful carnival stilt walkers for your event. Peacocks, Neon ladies, Phoenix and more Beautiful professional themed entertainment for your summer event

Christmas Themed Entertainers


Wonderful Christmas themed stilt walkers for your seasonal event. Xmas trees, Ice Queens, Snow Kings, Christmas Fairies, Reindeer, Toy Soldiers and Rag Dolls and more

Circus Themed Entertainers


Brilliant circus themed stilt walkers for your event. Ringmasters, clowns, juggling stilt walking acts to make your circus themed event a wonderful circus spectacular

Colourful Entertainment


Wonderful stilt walkers for your event. Bright colours, neon colours, sophisticated colours, smart colours. In fact any colour you like. Fabulous colourful entertainment

Easter Entertainment


Fantastic Easter & Spring themed stilt walkers for your event. Stilt walking bouncy bunnies for Easter and daffodil flowers for Spring. Fantastic entertainment

Edwardian Entertainers


Great Edwardian themed stilt walkers for your historically themed event. Lady and gent acts in fabulous costumes Brilliant acts to add style to your event

Fictional Themed Acts


Fantastic fictional themed stilt walkers for your event. Giants, Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and more. Great interactive entertainment for your event

Flower Stilt Walkers


Fabulous flower themed stilt walkers for your event. Fabulous Daffodils, Sunflowers, Daisies or Lily. Colourful and interactive they will bring a smile to everyone at your event

Farmer Stilt Walker


Marvellous food themed acts for your food festival event. Interactive and entertaining farmer or chef will will entertain everyone young and older alike

Glamorous Stilt Walkers


Glamorous stilt walkers for your special celebration event. Interactive classy entertainment performing meet & greet, mingling or ambient entertainment

Halloween Entertainment


Brilliant Halloween themed stilt walkers for your spook-tacular event. Witches, Devils, Vampires, Giants, Frankenstein will keep everyone entertained

Masquerade or Masked Ball Stilt Walkers

Masked Ball

Mavellous masked ball stilt walkers for your masquerade event. Our spectacular Duke and Duchess act will add a fabulous Venetian ambience

Medieval Entertainment


Fantastic medieval themed stilt walkers for your historical event. Knights, princesses, dragons and jesters. Brilliant entertainment for all

Rock Music Stilt Walkers


Rocking entertainment for your event. Our rock and punk themed acts or drumming toy solider Fantastic interactive entertainment to make everyone smile

Nation Themed Entertainers


Fantastic nation stilt walkers for your themed event. British, French, Italian and other themed acts available. Bespoke nation themed acts possible. Please contact us

Pirate Stilt Walker


Great nautical themed stilt walkers for your event. The best pirate themed acts . Other maritime acts available for 2019. Great entertainment for any themed event

Roman Themed Juggler


Brilliant Roman themed acts for your historical event. Roman Centurion stilt act. Engaging entertainment suitable for everyone. Photo of stilt walker available soon

Sports Themed Acts


Great sports themed stilt walkers for your themed event. Football, tennis, rugby, athletics and cycling. A winning combination of great costumes and performances

Tudor Themed Entertainment


Brilliant Tudor themed stilt walkers for your historical event. Our unique Beefeater stilt walkers are very popular for all British and Tudor events

Victorian Entertainers


Fantastic Victorian and Dickensian entertainment for your historical event. Acts that are the height of sophistication and entertainment.

Winter Wonderland Entertainers

Winter Wonderland

Wonderful winter wonderland stilt walkers for your Chrismtas and winter events. Ice Queens, Snow Kings, Christmas Fairies, and Ice Princesses

Bespoke Themed Acts


We can create bespoke character and themed acts for your event. We have successfully created a range of acts for various clients. Please contact us

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years