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Human Statues

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

We provide a fantastic range of human living statues for any event. Our range of themed acts perform in high quality costumes and are performed by experienced entertainers

Human Statue Themes

Victorian, Toys, Famous Statues, Christmas and Halloween

Christmas Themed Human Statues


Fantastic Christmas themed human statues for your seasonal event. We have our cool ice people and our Toy Soldier and Rag Doll. We also have lots of other amazing Xmas acts

Circus Themed Living Statues


Brilliant themed human living statue acts for your Circus event. Our ringmaster can perform as a human statue and come to life. He can also perform as an MC or a stilt walker

Flower Themed Human Statues


Fabulous flower themed human living statues for your summer event. Our sunflower, daisy or daffodil flower statues are unique acts that will add colour and fun to your event

Greco-Roman Classical Human Statue


Classy classical Greco-Roman human statues are great for a wide range of events. Great for weddings, anniversaries and lots of other events they come in various colours

Ghouls Living Statues


Brilliant Halloween themed living statues. The spook-tastic acts will make people laugh as they come to life periodically. Fantastic entertainment for everyone at any event

Statue of Liberty Living Statue


Probably the most famous statue in the world. Our living statue version looks amazing and is perfect for USA themed events as well as a range of other events

Toy Soldier & Rag Doll Human Statues

Toy Soldier & Rag Doll

Fantastic Toy Statues for your Christmas or children's event. Our Toy Soldier and Rag Doll statues are brilliant fun as they come to life periodically to entertain everyone

Victorian Gentleman Living Statue


Great Victorian themed living statues for your historical event. Our Victorian gentleman statue is great entertainment as he comes to life periodically

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years