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Historical Acts

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

Historical Entertainment

Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Roaming Acts, Human Statues

Fantastic historically themed acts including ones for Victorian, Medieval, Roman, Tudor, Venetian and Edwardian themes performing stilt walking, juggling, roaming and workshop entertainment

Stilt Walkers

Beefeater Stilt Walkers


Our unique Beefeater stilt walkers are brilliant entertainment for British, Tudor, London and other themed events. Great for meet & greet and ambient entertainment these giant striking stilt walkers will be remembered by everyone

Medieval Knight and Princess Stilt Walkers


Our medieval stilt walking acts are great entertainment for various historically themed events. We have fantastic knight and princess, a monk, jesters and a knight riding a dragon. Roaming interactive entertainment for everyone

Venetian Themed Stilt Walkers


Our Venetian themed stilt walking acts are fantastic for masked ball and masquerade events as well as Italian themed ones. High quality costumed Duke and Duchess stilt walkers will perform interactive entertainment that will enhance any event

Victorian Lady and Gent Stilt Walkers

Victorian & Edwardian

Our Victorian stilt walkers are the height of sophistication. A debonaire delight this lady and gentleman will entertain with the turn of (Victorian) phrase and ability to talk over the heads of most people. Great characters that will have everyone smiling


Roman Themed Juggler


Our fantastic Roman themed jugglers are great for your historically themed event. They can perform roaming, ambient or show entertainment. In addtions we have an appropriate circus skills workshop using 'authentic' equipment. Great entertainment

Victorian Themed Juggler

Victorian & Edwardian

Our amazing Victorian juggling acts are great entertainment for a range of events including British ones. They can perform ambient, roving or show entertainment suitable for everyone. We  also offer unique Victorian themed circus skills workshops

Venetian Jugglers


Our brilliant Venetian jester jugglers are great for your masked ball or masquerade event. They can perform roaming, ambient or show entertainment performing with 'authentic' props. High quality costumes make these jesters a must for your event

Medieval Jester Juggler

Medieval & Tudor

Our medieval or Tudor jester acts are great entertainment for themed events. They perform roving, ambient or show entertainment. We also offer unique medieval or Tudor themed circus skills workshops which are popular with children and adults alike

Other Acts

Medieval Circus Skills Workshops


Our brilliant historically themed circus skills workshops are great entertainment for any event. We use 'authentic' equipment meaning that the circus skills props are only made of wood, cloth or metal. In addition the tutors are dressed appropriately

Victorian Themed Human Statue

Human Statue

Marvellous human statue acts for your historically themed event. Our Victorian gent humal living statue is great for meet & greet and ambient entertainment periodically coming to life to make people smile. Suitable for lots of venues

Penny Farthing Riders

Penny Farthing

Our fantastic penny farthing riding characters are great for your Victorian or Edwardian event. Using safe equipment these acts perform character roaming entertainment including Gents, Policemen and Sportsmen. Fantastic entertainment

British Beefeater Roving Act

Roving Act

Brilliant roving and ambient acts for your historically themed event. Our unique Beefeater act is great for meet & greet, roving and ambient entertainment. This act has performed at the Paralympics and many other prestigious events.

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years