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Colour Themed Acts

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

Colour Themed Entertainment

Stilt Walkers, Jugglers, Roller Skaters, Human Statues

Fantastic Colour themed acts including ones for single, multiple, and bespoke colour costumed acts performing stilt walking, juggling, roaming and other entertainment

Stilt Walkers

Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Bright Colours

We have a range of beautiful colour stilt walkers to brighten your event. These acts stand out from the crowd with performances that are larger than life. Great for parades, meet & greet, festivals and more. Please contact us for more information about the colour options available

Single Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Single Colours

We have a range of single colour stilt walkers that will match the theme of your event. Colours include glamorous golds, neon and primary colours. Stand out stilt walking acts that will match brand or event colours. Please contact us for the range of colours available

Multi-colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Multi Colours

We have a variety of multi colour stilt walking acts that will brighten any event. Great for fairs, festivals and parties. Our stilt walkers perform interactive engaging roaming or ambient entertainment. Options for additional skills such as juggling or balloon modelling. Please contact us

Bespoke Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Bespoke Colours

We can offer to create bespoke themed colour costumes or specific type of colour costume that fits with your brand, company, promotion or event. All our stilt walkers are intereactive entertainers and perform larger than life entertainment. Contact us for more details

Flower Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Flower Colours

Our flower stilt walkers are brilliant entertainment. Colourful larger than life characters that will brighten up your event. We have yellow, white, and red flower acts and can offer bespoke flower costumes as well. Please contact us for more information

National Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

National Colours

Our fantastic nation coloured stilt walking acts are great for a wide range of events. Union Jack and Jill, Welsh Daffodils, English St George, and Irish green St Patrick's day stilt walker. We can also create bespoke national flag coloured costumes. Please contact us

Carnival Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Carnival Colours

Our carnival coloured stilt walking acts are fantastic larger than life roaming acts. We have various acts suitable for carnivals including Peacock, Phoenix, Flowers, Butterflies and Bubble stilt bicycles. Interactive and fun these acts make your carnival special

Christmas Colour Themed Stilt Walkers

Christmas Colours

Our fabulous Christmas and Winter Wonderland stilt walking acts are the height of seasonal entertainment. Ice Queens, Fairies, Jack Frosts, Xmas trees, Reindeer,  Snow King and Queen and more. Icy and traditional Christmas coloured acts for your event


Single colour themed costumed jugglers

Single Colours

Our brilliant single colour gentleman jugglers are great entertainment. Performing roaming, ambient or show entertainment these jugglers are smart and colourful. Red, blue, green, yellow, pink, black and white costumes available.

Multi-colour costumed jugglers

Multi Colours

Our fabulous red, white and blue costumed juggling acts are great roving or ambient entertainment for a wide variety of events including British ones. Of course as they are red, white and blue they can also perform for French, USA or other nation themed events

Nation themed colour costumed jugglers

National Colours

Our fantastic nation themed jugglers are great for a range of events. We have Union Jack, French, Irish, English, and other nation themed jugglers. They perform roaming, ambient or show entertainment. Other nation costumes please contact us

Bespoke colour costumed jugglers

Bespoke Colours

We offer a bespoke costume service to create your national or nation flag colours for our juggling acts. Some bespoke options are immediately available. Others may require an additional fee to create the look you want. Please contact us for more details

Other Acts

British Themed Roller Skater

Roller Skaters

Fantastic colour costumed roller skating themed acts for your event. Single colours, mixed colours and national colours. Bespoke options. Interactive rolling and roaming entertainment that is different and engaging. Great for family events

Victorian Themed Human Statue

Human Statue

Marvellous human statue acts. Our bronze Victorian gent human living statue is great for meet & greet and ambient entertainment periodically coming to life to make people smile. Various act options. Suitable for lots of venues. Please contact us

British Themed Balloon Modeller

Balloon Modeller

Amazing balloon modellers for your themed event. Our red, white and blue balloon artist can create British themed balloon models as well as an array of other balloon creations for the public or your guests to take away. Suitable for adult and children's events

British Beefeater Roving Act

Roving Act

Brilliant roving and ambient acts for your themed event. Our unique Beefeater act is great for meet & greet, roving and ambient entertainment. Other colour themed acts available including character acts, giant fruit and more. Please contact us

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years