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Roaming Acts

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

We provide a fantastic range of roaming and ambient acts for any event. Our range of themed acts perform in high quality costumes and are performed by experienced interactive engaging entertainers

If you are interested in Stilt Walkers, Roller Skaters or Jugglers please go to those pages for their roaming acts

Roaming Act Themes

Animals, Sports, Christmas, Medieval, Victorian and more

Animal Themed Roaming Acts


Amazing animal themed roaming acts including our dancing bees and penguins. Performing interactive character entertainment. Roaming character acts to make your event special

British Themed Roaming Acts


Fabulous British themed roaming acts including Doormen, Union Jack and Jill, Victorian policemen and our unique Beefeaters. Brilliant acts for top events

Christmas Themed Roaming Acts


Fantastic Christmas themed roaming acts for your seasonal event. Elves, Fairies, Puddings, Reindeer, Toy Soldier, Rag Doll and more. Great interactive acts for your event

Circus Themed Roaming Acts


Wonderful themed roaming acts for your Circus event. Ringmaster, clowns, jugglers and more. Fantastic interactive entertainment to help make your event special

Easter Themed Roaming Acts


Brilliant Easter themed roaming acts for your seasonal event. Interactive and fun Easter bunnies that can hand out giveaways to everyone. Great entertainment

Edwardian and Vintage Circus Themed Roaming Acts


Wonderful Edwardian themed acts for your historical event. Edwardain sportsmen and vintage circus sideshow acts to entertain everyone at your event

Fictional Themed Roaming Acts


Fantastic Fictional themed roaming acts for your event. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Prince Charming and Alice in Wonderland characters. Bespoke character option

Food Themed Roaming Acts


Great food themed roaming acts for your event. Giant tomatoes, peaches and other fruit. As well as chefs and more. Interactive and fun entertainment for everyone

Halloween Themed Roaming Acts


Fantastic Halloween themed roaming acts for your seasonal event. Ghouls, vampires, devils and ghosts. Great interactive and spook-tastic entertainment for everyone

Medieval Themed Roaming Acts


Brilliant Medieval themed roaming acts for your historical event. Jesters and peasants will entertain with their intertaction and skills. Great entertainment for young and older alike

Nation Themed Roaming Acts


Marvellous nation themed roaming entertainment for your themed event. British, French, Italian, Irish and Welsh acts. Bespoke nation options possible. Please contact us

Nautical Themed Roaming Acts


Great nautical themed acts for your maritime event. Pirates, sailors and penguins perform interactive and fun entertainment that will have everyone smiling and laughing

Sport Themed Roaming Acts


Brilliant Sports entertainment for your themed event. Comedy athletes, giant footballs, tennis and cricket balls and skilful jugglers. Great interactive entertainment for all

Tudor Themed Roaming Acts


Mavellous Tudor themed acts for your historically themed event. Tudor jesters and our Beefeaters will perform interactive and fun entertainment for everyone at your event

Winter Wonderland Roaming Acts

Winter Wonderland

Wonderful Winter themed acts for your Winter Wonderland event. Giant snowflakes, fairies, snowmen and more perform interactive roaming entertainment

Bespoke Themed Roaming Acts


Fantastic roaming acts for your event. We can create bespoke roaming acts for your event. You tell us your theme or characters and our costume makers create amazing acts

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years