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Roller Skaters

Fabulous entertainment themed for your event

We provide a fantastic range of roller skaters for any event. Our range of themed acts perform in high quality costumes and are performed by experienced interactive engaging entertainers

Roller Skating Themes

Christmas Sports, Flowers, Carnival, Circus and more

Animal Themed Roller Skaters


Amazing animal themed roller skaters including our beautiful robin, and reindeer. Roaming character acts to make your event special whether for summer or seasonal Christmas

British Themed Roller Skaters


Fabulous British themed roller skaters including Union Jack and Jill, red, white and blue or our Roller Belles. Brilliant interactive acts suitable for a wide range of events

Carnival Themed Roller Skaters


Brilliant, bright and colourful carnival roller skaters for your event. Peacocks and Phoenix and more Beautiful professional themed entertainment for your summer event

Celebration Themed Roller Skaters


Wonderful celebration themed roller skaters for your event. Our unique roller skating birthday or wedding cake at quirky entertainment to your celebration event

Christmas Themed Roller Skaters


Wonderful Christmas themed roller skaters for your seasonal event. Baubles, Puddings, Xmas Trees, Elves, Fairies and more. Brilliant intertactive entertainment

Circus Themed Roller Skaters


Brilliant circus themed roller skaters for your event. Ringmasters and clowns to make your circus themed event a wonderful circus spectacular. Interactive entertainment for all

Colour Themed Roller Skaters


Wonderful roller skaters for your event. Bright colours, smart colours. In fact any colour you like. Fabulous colourful interactive roaming entertainment for everyone

Flower Themed Roller Skaters


Fabulour flower themed roller skaters for your spring and summer events. Daffodils, Daisies and Sunflowers performomg interactive entertainment by engaging entertainers

Halloween Themed Roller Skaters


Fantastic Halloween themed roller skaters. Spook-tastic entertainment from interactive and engaging entertainers performing roving entertainment

Food Themed Roller Skaters


Fabulous food themed roller skating acts. Tomatoes, Peaches and other fruit and veg. Great interactive entertainment suitable for food festivals and other events

Nations Themed Roller Skaters


Marvellous nation themed roller skating acts. British, Brazilian, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, French and other nation themed acts. Interactive entertainment for a wide range of events

Sci-Fi Alien Themed Roller Skaters


Unique sci-fi themed roller skating acts. Our quirky alien roller skaters are very popular with everyone. Interactive roaming entertainment for a range of events

Sports Themed Roller Skaters


Brilliant sports themed roller skating acts. Roller skating footballs, tennis balls, and cricket balls. Fantastic interactive entertainment suitable for everyone

Winter Wonderland Themed Roller Skaters

Winter Wonderland

Wonderful winter themed roller skaters. Fairies, Xmas Trees, Snowmen, Jack Frosts and more. Interactive roving entertainment for winter wonderland events

Bespoke Themed Roller Skaters


We can create bespoke roller skating acts for your event. Fanstastic costumes, interactive engaging performances. Please contact us for more details and your ideas

About Us

We are a professional circus theatre production company creating and performing high quality acts for any event. We have been supplying acts to events for 20 years